#86 Contours of Courageous Parenting ft. Karena de Souza

My guest on this episode is Karena de Souza. Karena is a strategist, speaker, and coach focusing on GenZ and the Future of Work. She is a mother of three, the youngest one just graduated from university. She is also the author of Contours of Courageous Parenting. In this heart-warming episode, we chatted about:
  • Her story of growing up in Uganda and then moving to Goa, India, the UK, the U.S., and Canada
  • How 911 impacted her life and led her to travel to 16 countries with her family when her kids were 4,6,8.
  • The ripple effects of the trip 
  • How she gave her children the freedom to make decisions and trust their own instincts
  • Her advice to parents who are exploring the pathless path and new moms like me who just started our parenting journey
Ps. This episode was recorded in June, 2023. Be sure to follow Karena to see her latest projects!

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#86 Contours of Courageous Parenting ft. Karena de Souza
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